Man brings sidechic home to look after his children, after wife went on a trip in Rivers State.

A Nigerian Man identified as Oghenekevwe has taken to twitter to share the story of a man who reportedly invited his side chick to his home to  take care of his kids after his wife had gone on a trip.

The story however took a twist as the said side-chick started posting videos of herself in another woman's kitchen, led to the viewing pleasure of a mutual friend of the wife and side chick, who then proceded to report the issue to the wife.

This is too funny, see the tweet below ;

How will your wife travel then you bring your side chick home to look after your kids... Side chick is now making whatsapp status videos of herself in the  kitchen feeding your kids, wife's friend sees video & tells wife.
Happening in my compound now. 😂😂😂

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